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October 16, 2018

The Stewardship Communications team had a banner year in FY18. For the first time in history, they crossed the 

2000+ unique deliverable mark in a fiscal year. We were busy beavers!  God has blessed our ministry and the SCT has a great vantage point on how Compassion employees are working with donors to connect them with their hearts’ desire to minister to children in poverty around the world!

Some recent successes we’ve seen:


  • A mega donor and their family contributed more than $2M toward Rohingya relief need and other ministry priorities
  • One of our foundations continues to support our ministry at $2M a year, focusing on Survival (general fund giving and continued support of 35 Survival Centers, a majority of which they helped open in 2007-2010) and UCF, thanks to a solid relationship built by the Relationship Manger and stewardship reporting we are able to provide on a consistent basis
  • One family foundation/major donor that had multiple issues from our transition to Connect and was at risk to no longer support Compassion, recently funded an additional 17 Child Development Centers and Survival launches bringing their total to 64 centers funded since 2012.
  •  A single donor contributed $624,000 at EOY 2018 toward non-sponsorship opportunities in four countries: Ecuador, Bolivia, Ghana, Togo.
  • In response to our proposal for the Ethiopia/East Africa drought, two donors stepped up within 4 weeks to fund the full $675K ask.


  • A content library, full of copy blocks relating to Compassion’s funds and countries that will increase efficiencies and reduce copywriting costs is nearly complete
  • A long-term goal of building modular templates that will decrease time, cost and inconsistencies among our reporting was rolled out. Currently the team is using these modular templates for Survival, and this will soon expand for Sponsorship Launches and CIV proposals and reporting.

Church Planting Pilot

  • We topped more than 215 church plants using this model since 2010 – with about 42 of them in FY18 alone! Our original USA Church Plant forecast was only 31.
  • At the end of this fiscal year we completed the second year of the two-year pilot of selling and servicing this as a product. Both have proven successful and will continue, incorporating some lessons learned. 
  • Assuming we can reach our FY`9 goal of funding 90 plants in FY19, that is nearly $7m in immediate revenue and approximately 18,000 kids added to our program in the next year.
  • SCT has committed to servicing all church plants through only digital services, which has allowed us to learn and grow our delivery method. As a result, nearly all the revenue marketing teams are currently engaged in digital services.


Coming soon

  • We’re getting ready to roll out the FY19 CIV Country strategies. This will help fundraisers connect individual funding opportunities to the larger country strategy, helping donors better understand how they can strategically address poverty in specific countries and contexts.
  • Digital delivery strategy – as the world changes, so must we! We are researching and developing ways to better deliver proposals and reporting to donors digitally.



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