July 18, 2018

Many people have been wondering how the boys have been doing and if there is more information about the rescue.  Because of the complex situation surrounding the boys, Silas Balraj, the Vice President of the Asia region, has requested that no more information about the boy specifically or his relationship with Compassion should be shared internally or externally at this time. Until they are able to meet with the family in person and receive approval.

In abiding with Silas request, I am allowed to share some images and videos with updates that are coming through the new networks.


Press Conference | the boys sharing about their experience
The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand last week have spoken publicly of their ordeal for the first time, describing the “moment of miracle” when divers found them. – copyrightAFP

The 12, who are members of a junior football team, the Wild Boars, appeared in their club’s kit at a news conference in Chiang Rai. They were greeted by a banner that read “Bringing the Wild Boars Home” on a stage designed to look like a football pitch.  The boys sat alongside members of the Thai Navy Seals who helped rescue them.

One boy described how they had lived on water from the stones of the cave. “Water is clean,” he said. “Only water, no food.”

Chanin “Titan” Wibrunrungrueang, 11, said: “I tried not to think about food because it would make me hungry.”


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