To Finally Start That Big Project, Start Small

August 28, 2018

Often the biggest challenge with a project is just getting started. To push yourself over 

the threshold, think about a small first step you can take. It might be picking up the phone and calling someone whose input you need, or sitting down in a chair and writing the first sentence of a report. Then plan a time and place to do it: “At 9 AM on Tuesday, I’ll sit at my desk, open a blank document, and write.” Starting something hard can bring up feelings of discomfort; you might experience insecurity (“I can’t do this”) or an impulse to procrastinate (“I should probably check email”). But stay disciplined: You can’t control whether you feel these things, but you can control whether you act on them. And remember, no matter how big the project is, the transition to beginning it can be a small, easy step. Once you get started, you’ll feel a lot better.

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