The Propeller Award

As a team, we all come to work each day with our various strengths to be better together. Nominating a fellow employee for The Propeller Award is a way to affirm those strengths in action. After all, who doesn’t love to hear that they are appreciated?



We want The Propeller Award nominations to be a genuine encouragement to those that are nominated AND those that receive it. Everyone on the team is eligible to be nominated and the more submissions the better, so don’t be shy! If you’re wondering whether or not to nominate someone, here are some questions and criteria (derived from the principles of The Compassion Way) to help you decide.



  1. Here for a Reason – Mission. Has the person contributed in his/her job in a way that helps Compassion succeed in their mission? Examples could include completion of a big project, an innovative idea, and/or extraordinary effort of some sort during the course of their normal work day.
  2. Serious about Personal Growth – Ours and Others. Has the individual personally accepted and implemented constructive feedback OR spurred another employee by offering the same? Have they been notably engaged in their own personal development and/or helping others to develop?
  3. 100% for Each Other.  Has the person set aside their own agenda to serve another person? Have they offered helping hands in a situation that wouldn’t necessarily require it? Have they personally encouraged and/or discipled a colleague in a way that should be recognized?
  4. Careful with Our Words. Has the nominee demonstrated gracious listening? Have they spoken a right word, in the right place, at the right time? Are they careful not to gossip and/or initiate destructive conflict?
  5. Invite Others In. Has the nominee helped the team in an extraordinary way? Have they been transparent about their weaknesses and called out another team member’s strengths?


There are two ways to nominate someone to receive the award.

  1. Fill out a nomination form and put it in the submission jar at Melanie Almado’s desk.
  2. Fill out an electronic nomination form (see below) and click “submit”.


Submissions will be collected by Melanie Almado and passed along to a committee of Bob Cleary and two other randomly chosen members of the team for final determination. One winner will be chosen each month and will be presented with the award at division devotionals. Winners will receive verbal recognition during divisional devotions, the awesome hat for display at their desk for that month and a certificate commemorating the occasion. They will also be entered into a drawing at the end of the year with their fellow propeller award winners for a grand prize (winner chosen at random).