The Propeller Award Honorees Are…

March 18, 2018

The Propeller Award honorees are…

Cristi Bejadhar

Recognized for immersing herself in the complex Campaign Management process and leading two training sessions to help USA colleagues understand roles, exceptions and software.  She was able to present in a manner of energy and fun for each participant and prepared it all still within the cloud of her physical treatments.  And to top off God’s timing…she found out she was cancer-free on the last day of training!  Propeller Award Winner!



ALysa Larson

Recognized for quiet and steadfast work ethic (year after year) on our most high profile, complex Compassion Sunday campaign.  “Alysa is Wonder Woman by becoming a firefighter putting our crises, a peace-keeping diplomat working for  win-win solutions for all parties involved, a circus performer plate juggler of campaign deliverables, a detail-oriented guru of complicate vendor invoices, and a Compassion mission advocate…”



Andrew Gearhart

Recognized for consistent dedication to genuinely caring for others and for quality of work.



Carla Hoit

Recognized for across-the-USA marketing organization assistance in compiling the FY18 Feb Revenue Reforecast  & Expense plan immediately followed up with the FY19 Revenue & Expense plan.  In each interaction, Carla demonstrated patience, grace and willingness to provide direction, trending, and personal assistance to any/all cost center managers.



Caitlin Smith

Recognized for being quick to care for others and to be a problem-solver.  Also recognized for launching the sponsor panel and volunteering to step into work flow management for the Market Research team.



Jessica Engel

Recognized for building one team amongst three competency groups with intentionality in personal development of each member.  Also recognized for leading the content development for the new USA Strategic Target and 6 proposed segments; for planning the immersion session for the first group of USA marketers and CI senior leaders as well as the first-ever ethnography sessions.


Melanie Almado

Recognized for representing a consistent ray of sunshine every single day!



Sarah Rieves

Recognized for perceiving a glitch in the availability management system where one Global Partner inadvertently dumped its’ child holds back into the global child pool.  Sarah, on her own accord, tracked down all children that had been picked up by the USA and redirected them back to the global pool to demonstrate her willingness to be 100% for others.



Simret Ejabo

Recognized for her tireless commitment to work behind the scenes in sifting and analyzing 1000’s of expense and payment data in order to share trends and related information to support trip planner – all with an attitude of humility, patience and prayer.

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