The Propeller Award Honorees Are…

October 16, 2018

Yvonne Brown, Melanie almado, Neilin Cooper, Sean Dana 

Recognized for hosting an event that encouraged participants to understand the tensions, decisions, and experiences that our National Staff, Church Partners, and families of children in poverty experience every single day.  The amount of detail and intentionality that this team put into this event made it extremely successful.


Andrew Ziem

Recognized for stepping in to create an Availability Management program solution to rebalance the child pool with over 6,000 mass canceled children.  Andrew reprioritized his time/responsibilities and focused on a solution that saved the team a ton time and created a new efficiency for the future as well.

Fawn Huberty

Recognized for consistently and proactively helping others by listening well and removing barriers to make processes more manageable.  On one particular noteworthy occasion, Fawn overheard a conversation about a sponsor who had contacted the call center three times to get more child packets for a Release3 presentation.  Her willingness to stop everything, help find, and execute a solution is a reflection of how Fawn diligently seeks to serve Compassion USA and our supporters with excellence.


Matt Pirmann

Recognized for stepping up to ensure the success of USA Marketing by being a critical contributor in overcoming a personnel shortage on the Training team. Not only did he jump in and train four new staff members on a brand new subject to him, but he collaborated with numerous individuals to ensure that the training was extremely beneficial to the participants taking the training course.


Neilin Cooper

Recognized for stepping in and creating a solution to clean up a large data load in the Text2Sponsor tool.  Neilin quickly jumped in and determined a way to reverse engineer the event close-out app to automatically enable a large data pool to automatically load which saved the team approximately 8hrs of manual data entry work.  

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