The Propeller Award Honorees Are…

September 19, 2018


Recognized for your consistent, long term care of your colleagues, particularly with the Constituent Development team.  Recently – over your holiday weekend – you were able to turn a potentially disappointing journey for a high-level donor and their family into an extraordinary experience.  With quick thinking, perseverance and some deft negotiations with the Peruvian and Bolivian staff, you were able to arrange a wonderful weekend solution for the family whose flight had been re-routed to Peru for a 48 hour layover.  Your nomination also included a note of appreciation about how you have chosen a path of JOY lately and that it has been on display! 


Abby Chu

Recognized for quick turns on projects and always with a smile.  You have taken on many projects that have normally been outsourced and saved the organization anywhere from $400 – $1,500/project.  You are so highly thought of by your CAM teammates!

Amy Glenn

Recognized by someone outside of Product Marketing (a first!) for meeting a colleagues’ personal interest with encouragement and extraordinary attention to detail.  Over time, you were able to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that a 1-year-old Ethiopian child could be reserved for this Compassion employee including the act of putting a hold on an entire ICP.  Brilliant!


Kim Ulm

Our featured speaker this past week – thank you so much!  You truly blessed us.  You were recognized for your decisive action that led to saving a translator’s life from choking.  Wow.  Way to go, Kim!

tiffany walker

Recognized for the unique manner in which you care so deeply for your team members and your ability to think strategically around priorities.  You are so appreciated for your leadership!


yvonne brown

Recognized for passionately managing the Step Into My Shoes events every summer.  You are so well-spoken as you introduce poverty, the role of Compassion and your encouragements to serve.  Your ability to manage the volunteers and the extra effort required to warehouse and transport materials are all part of the incredible way you lead this program.  Thank you!

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