July 18, 2018


Recognized for volunteering to add the heavy load of Non-Sponsorship Availability Management to a full-time role as a Segment Manager in SCT.  This role accounts for around 40% of your time.  You always graciously attack each challenge with drive and determination and you are particularly recognized for your tireless support for Survival technology fixes.  And on top of that, your baked goods are delicious!


Haley Heinz

Recognized for your exceptional demeanor and dedication to helping all marketing staff to complete Salesforce processes correctly.  You are always available to help, to teach and use your words carefully.

Marie St. Gelais

Recognized for taking time out of a busy schedule to help fix a colleague’s report and teach the skills necessary for future application.  This was a great example of supporting other’s growth.

Melanie Almado

Recognized for your tireless support of the Market Research team in scheduling and coordinating the details of the recent in-office Survival research focus groups with a smile and a spirit of determination to make everything as smooth as possible.  Thank you!

Michelle whiting

Recognized for ensuring that source codes are up-to-date every two weeks.  Under the tutelage of Andrew Ziem, you went through SAS training and applied your new skill set in pulling reports in Salesforce and creating data loads on a bi-weekly basis.  You also worked on the Attribution task force where it was discovered that we are able to track our source codes to 99.21% accuracy!


Rochelle Smith

Recognized for jumping into her intern role in SCT full force.  As a priority, you are tirelessly assessing how 5 other major non-profit organizations steward major gifts including the processing and cataloging  of hundreds of pieces of content from 8 months of collection both in print and digital.  In addition, you have become a quick study in InDesign and Photoshop and have helped several Segment Managers with basic design projects.  You are also the youngest intern ever for Compassion and you received your Associates Degree while finishing high school.  Rock star!

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