May 18, 2018


Recognized for inviting others into opportunities for laughter, joy and kindness.  Despite multiple, challenging personal circumstances, Andrew chooses to bring fun and levity to those around him.  Thank you for inviting the rest of us in to your contagious energy.


Abbie Donkor

Recognized for diving into uncharted waters to lead in an extractions requirement for Compassion Sunday.  You figured out exactly what was required and you remained calm under pressure.  You were gracious and never gave any indication the ask was an inconvenience.


Allison O’Hara

Recognized for consistently demonstrating her care for her colleagues, clients and children by researching and issuing helpful updates on subject matter that benefits numbers of teams.  “It is a gift to work with her”.


Amy Glenn

Recognized for managing the USA interests in Availability Management during this high season of need and continuous work-arounds to ensure adequate supply.  Amy represents grace under pressure.


Christina Barnett

Recognized for hosting an educational, hands-on training session for PM’s and clients on the extraction process.  Christina did a great job preparing the right content, listening to questions, providing a reference document and speaking clearly in front of a large group.  Fantastic!

Gabriel Hernandez

Recognized for steadiness in completing tasks with excellence, punctuality, diligence, focus and consistency.  Admired not only as a true performer but also as one who extends a listening ear.


Recognized for consistently jumping in and coming up with solutions even during the busiest of times.  Her hard work does not go unnoticed and it is a key part in the success of our work at Compassion.


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