The Propeller Award Honorees Are…

April 23, 2018

The Propeller Award honorees are…

Amy beam (Propeller Award WINNER)

Recognized by numerous leaders in Constituent Development for work of revamping the stewardship experience for mid-level donors, developing personalized web pages for major & mid-level donor giving and for providing a consumable reveal of all national office strategies.  Acknowledged as an extension and critical player on the mid-level team.



Amy Haddock

Recognized for being 100% for others.  She deliberately and thoughtfully walked numerous technology, process, training and marketing staff through a non-sponsorship process mapping exercise while also pointing out all critical related issues in the current Connect system.  She identified all areas of immediate need and has proven to be not only a subject matter expert but one who consistently exudes a servant heart.



Debbie Hershey

Recognized for consistency in delivering excellent customer service.  In words from the nomination, Debbie “often works with short timelines and in stressful situations, but she handles herself very well and never complains.  She brings a sense of calm when things might seem chaotic.  Debbie has great character and a deep faith…She is an outstanding person, team member and employee.”



Jessica Bogantes

Recognized for being 100% for others.  Based on her ability to coordinate many project details including coordination with the extractions team, building and maintain a project schedule, exuding a willingness to do whatever is necessary to keep on track and always with a friendly demeanor, Jessica is a vital asset to the Market Research team.



Jessica Engel

Recognized for her tenacity and caring spirit in leading her team in personal and professional growth and for her impact on the ministry.  It is evident that she pours her talents into people and projects every day and she is most definitely Here for a Reason!



Tiffany Walker

Recognized for her special gift of leadership.  Over time, she has demonstrated grace and encouragement to her team members; she is transparent; she inspires and challenges people.  She also regularly demonstrates her gift of hospitality – most recently exercised in hosting the entire Global Content photojournalist group at her house.

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