The Propeller Award Honorees Are…

February 16, 2018

The Propeller Award honorees are…

Christina Barnett

We joke with Christina that she’s a genius… but the reality is that she truly is. She knows “her stuff” inside and out. She’s a true master of her craft. On top of that she’s always willing to jump in and coach those around her whether it be with a complex issue, an urgent need, building up the technical skills of those around her, or offering help with an already full plate with things such as the tax statements or Survival Reporting. I’m thankful for Christina, but also inspired by her dedication and passion for what she does.



Andrew Ziem

In the description of why someone should be nominated for “Here for A Reason,” it says, “Has the person contributed in his/her job in a way that helps Compassion succeed in their mission?” Recently, Andrew completed the successful launch of a major reporting initiative, affectionately called the “BI Steering Committee.” Prioritization of reporting post-R4 has been a very difficult effort and his careful consideration of the committee’s purpose and operating procedures is going to yield some very tangible progress on getting Compassion’s most important reporting needs met in a timely manner. He has done this in addition to developing and teaching a new software training curriculum; leading the team as “second-in-command;” and fulfilling his own project work that often has strict deadlines. Way to go Ziem, you are making a big difference for Compassion!



Caitlin Smith

I wanted to nominate Caitlin because I’m consistently thankful for her — more specifically, she is someone I can count on every single time to step up and offer a helping hand with projects, the team, planning for events, you name it, she’s always one of the first people to say “I’ll help” and to do it not only willingly, but with joy. It’s so obvious that she considers this place to be home and all of us her family and that makes all the difference.



Keith Thompson

Keith is a pro at pursuing relationship and makes each and every person feel important. He challenges others to become better, and pursue their dreams and passions. He is always willing to meet with and invest time in others. He is a connector; helping people build relationships with others who are like-minded. He is great at his job, and an incredible gift to Compassion.



Jesse Futrell

Oh what to say about Jesse. Since the day he got to Compassion, he has taken initiative and did not shy away from ANYTHING. He dove right in! I really appreciate the time he has taken to get to know each team, their functions, and how he can offer processes and training to make them even better. He is very thoughtful and remembers specifics about each person he works with and he never treats anyone like they are a bother. I also appreciate his jokes/dad jokes and the fun quizzes he makes up for our SOS meetings.



Parker Crumbarker

Parker has brought so much to our team. He engages so well with anyone he interacts with in such a genuine way, people leave conversations with him feeling cared for and feel as though their opinions count. Parker brings a great combination of professionalism, excellence in customer service, and fun to our team which shapes culture in such a positive way. Thanks Parker!

Rachel Moser

Rachel did an amazing job honoring our beloved friend and co-worker, Vicki Cummings, who passed away back in September and is truly missed, in Trips and Visits. Rachel created a beautiful mosaic of Vicki made up of Compassion children’s pictures. Vicki had left her estate to the ministry. Rachel is a hard worker with a huge heart!

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