Thailand Update | Released From The Hospital

July 23, 2018

Adun, the Compassion child that was trapped in the cave in Thailand, was re­leased from the hospital on Wednesday, July 18th along with the other boys and coach from the football team! 


Adun’s church, which is lead by Pastor Go Shin, has around 100 members with a daughter church nearby. Pastor Go Shin’s church has a learning center that teaches English, Burmese, Chinese, Music, and Bible.  In order to give Adun the best opportunity to learn and serve God, Adun’s parents encouraged him to live at the church.  Adun participates in the church by leading worship regularly and interacting with the foreign mission teams that visit.  Adun’s  dream is to become a doctor and a professional football player.



A Quote From Pastor Go Shin

 “We will keep everything simple and help Adun have a life like what it used to be for him. Adun is a child here and he’s a student and his responsibility is to study and return to a normal life. We have other children here who are from similar backgrounds or poverty lev­els as Adun; there are also other children here who receive regular support. We will contin­ue to care for all the children equally, whilst also making sure Adun has the support he needs to return to normal life.”  – Pastor Go Shin


Prayer Requests

· Please pray that the process of requesting citizenship for Adun will completed successfully.

· Pray that Adun will continue to learn and use this situation to bring God glory.

· Pray for Adun’s parents and his’ four siblings.

· Pray for Pastor Go Shin as he relies on God to reach more and more children. 

· Pray for Compassion Thailand and local churches as they continue to reach out the children in this area.

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