Brad’s Trip To Togo

August 26, 2016

I wanted to share this picture of our Compassion group with our brothers and sisters outside the Togo office after a beautiful morning of worship together, as well as a young girl that we got to meet at our Youth Development day. Twelve different projects came together and shared their income generation efforts.

IMG_2881Mushroom Farming

The Income Generation Effort that I was especially moved by was the mushroom farming. After cultivating, harvesting, and drying, the mushrooms were roasted and grounded up with corn, soy nuts, and ground (pea)nuts to make a nutritious basis with water, milk, and oil as rich porridge for malnourished children. The product was packaged and sold as an income-generation activity for the project as well. This is truly God’s amazing and creative work coming together in one of our smaller, newer field offices!

– Brad Schultz, Product Management Team

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