Recovering The Joy

April 2, 2018

“As my daughters were on a school break, I went to visit my parents who live in the city of Piura for a few days. One afternoon, I received a phone call telling me my house had been destroyed by the waters of the river,” recalled Roxani, Adela’s mom,

with great nostalgia as she sat in one of the few chairs in her house. The flooding caused by the river overflow in March 2017 affected most of the cities located in northern Peru. Villa Batanes, home to Adela and her family, was no exception. Thousands of houses were lost in a matter of hours, taking away the entire life efforts of many families.

“We were left with nothing at all. Everything stayed there, buried under the mud, but thank God, we are starting all over again, bit by bit,” said Roxina.  “All my dolls and toys were left under water. When I came back home, I couldn’t find them,” said Adela.

It’s never easy to start over again but today, after a year, and with the support of the church and project, there is a completely different view in Villa Batanes compared to what was left behind after the catastrophe. Houses are being rebuilt and children are running in the streets, playing happily on the dusty paths.

“I am so grateful. The Compassion project has helped us tremendously. They gave me a bed since we didn’t have one. They gave us mosquito nets to protect ourselves, bags of groceries, food, and buckets to collect water,” said Roxani.

The family has not only received relief goods. During the flooding, Adela’s bicycle got trapped and it was instantly destroyed by one of the branches in their tree-branch fence. Now, thanks to a Christmas gift sent by her sponsor, Adela has a new bicycle, which she rides happily all around her house. With that very same bicycle, Adela hurries to go to the Compassion project on time.

“She was longing to have a bicycle since she lost the one she had,” explained Roxina. “This gives us hope. If the Compassion project hadn’t been here, what would have happened to us? Who would have helped us? We are deeply grateful for all the support they give us and we are grateful to God for everything.”

Adela not only received her Christmas gift, but also a sponsor letter that filled her with much joy. Through this letter, Adela is being reassured that she is loved, cared for, and remembered, and that she is not alone on this journey.

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