Product Marketing | Team Building Event

September 11, 2018

This Team Event is designed just for you!

You will:

Go to the “field”

Work together

See through the eyes of the pastors in our ICP

Encounter some of the struggles that our National Directors face every single day


Taking you to the Field

We are all so dedicated to our individual jobs that at times without realizing, we can forget who and why we serve.   Many of us do not get the opportunity to experience stepping into the shoes of the children and families that we support.  During this event, you and other members of our team will get the opportunity to be “a family” in one of our Child Development Centers and for just an hour or two, you will participate in various tasks that our children and families all over the world do on a daily basis to survive.  These tasks are NOT as easy as what you may have seen out the window during our summer Event with local families.



Through The Eyes Of The Pastors and Country Directors

It is one thing to step into the shoes of a child in poverty; but what if, you were the Pastor, Center Director or National Director making the decisions for in one case the children in the community or in the bigger picture all the children in the country’s programs.  We want you to experience what it would be like to make those life-altering decisions and strategies.



We completely understand that some of you may not be able to do all the physical activities.  Our families we serve have similar limitations but we do want you to be a part of the family experience here.  How are you and the rest of the family going to adjust to these limitations?  Please wear clothes and shoes that would be appropriate to wear in a “field like” experience.


In Summary

We know that you could be doing a lot of other things with your time, but I am personally grateful that you are choosing to take the time to invest in yourself, Product Marketing, and Compassion as a whole!  A lot of thought and planning has gone into this event to make it a fun, meaningful, and enlightening experience.  You may go away with an entirely different perspective that you will be able to carry back and implement in your strategic relationships, emails, communications, and daily life!


Come enjoy what is sure to be a memorable afternoon!

Thank you!

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