Sean dana

Before I came to Compassion, I was a Children’s Pastor and had enjoyed an extremely successful career as a social worker. Bible College and children ministry preparation brought my young family to Colorado Springs 21 years ago. I transitioned to Compassion as a result of an anniversary trip with my wife, Michelle Dana, who has served at Compassion more than 20 years. When I saw every saw the transformation of children in the context of their own community by a loving church I came to face to face with everything the Lord had called me to in Children’s Ministry. So, I left my role serving one local church and came to work at Compassion where I could help serve more than 7,000 churches and nearly 2 million children worldwide. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for nearly 32 years and we have two amazing young adult children Mary and Christopher both of whom met, fell in love and married the people my wife and I had prayed for since they were babies – 2017 was a very exciting year Christopher married Lola and Mary married Skip in the same year.

I have served at Compassion since 2004 starting out in Income Processing (now known as Sponsor and Donor Processing) then as the Leadership Development Program Specialist and finally my dream job leading sponsor tours. I have been leading sponsors tours for nearly 11 years and have successfully completed more than 115 trips during that time. It is my greatest desire to serve at Compassion for the rest of my life as I love what we do, the difference we are making and the amazing people I have the privilege of working alongside throughout this great ministry.

Fun Fact

I gained my love of international travel when I was selected to travel with Continental Singers to share gospel music throughout the United States, England, Holland Scotland, Belgium and Iceland between my senior year of high school and my first year of college.




Becca Browning

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bobby keith

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claudia beck

She has been on a journey serving at Compassion International for over a decade, during which time her life has been turned upside down by witnessing God’s hand at work through the ministry. It has been a time of deep engagement, growing, reflection, and transformation, and she loves to share the same invitation with everyone she interacts with as part of the Trips & Visits team.  With a God-given passion for children and the church, Claudia embraces the opportunity to serve both in her role as a International Trip Planner. Originally from Nuremberg, Germany, Claudia came to the United States in 1995 and has three beautiful children of her own: Chevalier, Tatiana, and Solomon.  In addition, she also mentors two beautiful foster children, Misti and Abigail, who she loves as if they were her own daughters.  Together Claudia and her family love youth camp, kids club, babysitting children with special needs – anything that involves caring for being around children!  It is out of her own story of God working through her life as a single mother that Claudia’s passion for the poor was ignited, and she is blessed to witness and lead others to experience His same work of transformation through Compassion.

Claudia loves experiencing new cultures, cooking, watching crime shows, and is also an animal lover. Mostly, she is thrilled to live out a God-given calling of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name at Compassion International.




Heather tredoux

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Joann Stroup

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Melody Monberg

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Sandeep Maity

I am originally from Kolkata, India. Currently serving at Compassion International as an International Trip Planner. I lives in Scottsdale, AZ and I am married to my love of my life, Kristina. She is a special aid teacher and she is awesome!

With a degree in hospitality management, previously I have worked as a travel supervisor for a soccer club and served in hotels.

Raised in extreme poverty and, at times, living homeless on the streets, my childhood in Kolkata was marked with great sorrow, hopelessness and despair. Often going without food, clothing and shelter, I felt unlovable and forgotten. At the age of six, I was introduced to Compassion and its child development program at a local church — and that’s when everything began to change for me. Through the practical support I received and the loving encouragement from my sponsors, hope broke through the darkness and I discovered God’s matchless love. Being sponsored through Compassion made it possible for him to receive an education and a university degree, through which I began dreaming of a new future for myself and my family.

I am honored to continue to partner with Compassion as an International Trip Planner. I plan and lead International trips for Compassion International and I am very passionate about pastoral and discipleship training in India. What a gift to help change others’ lives through the organization that changed my life! I love to share my personal story to infuse hope in others who feel forgotten, shine light on the challenges of poverty, and mobilize difference-makers. Love to serve, love my job and love Christ!