Project & Custom Visits Team

Nicole Givens

Nicole has been at Compassion since 2003 and has been part of the Trips & Visits Department since 2007. She has traveled to more than eight Compassion countries, and met more than 20 correspondent and sponsored children during several Custom Visits and Sponsor Trips. Nicole is married, has two children, and enjoys horseback riding in her spare time.




Charla Coleman

Charla began serving in Compassion’s Contact Center in 2013 and joined the Individual Visits team in 2016. Since working in Visits, she has developed a deep appreciation for everyone who works to arrange sponsor visits and trips, as well as the sponsors who go to see their children. She was born and raised in Hawaii, enjoys spending time with her children, reading, traveling, and being outdoors (only when it is not cold).




Jesse Cernek

Before Compassion I used to work as a team lead in a daycare, but once I graduated college in Illinois I returned to Colorado and began working at Compassion on the Advocates team. I worked on many marketing teams for about a year and a half in different temp roles, before landing on the visits team. I have been a part of this team for almost 2 years and I love what we do.  I am the youngest in a family of 5 and I have one sister and one brother. My sister lives here in Colorado with her husband while my brother is a police officer in Illinois with his wife. They are all married and have kiddos, or kiddos on the way. I love playing with my nephews and once my niece is born I will enjoy that too I am sure! My boyfriend lives in Michigan and we met in College. I also play in a volleyball league two days a week and enjoy any type of theater performance!  I am an Individual Visits Specialist. I am one of the 4 USA specialists who helps sponsors who are already traveling to a specific country meet their sponsored child.


 I lived in Russia for 4 years as a kid and just this last November had the chance to go back and see the area I lived in again, as an adult.




Joni Hantleman

Previously I worked for USAA Insurance for 9 ½ years.  Prior to that I worked at Western Pacific Airlines.  I am married to Doug.  We have a daughter, Adrienne and a granddaughter, Naomi.  I have 6 siblings, one has gone home to Jesus.  I have the awesome privilege of helping sponsors meet their sponsored children, through a Custom Visit.  My team will arrange, with the country office, a day with their child so they can spend quality-bonding time together.  The sponsors make all their own personal travel arrangements.


I like making cheesecakes.




Katie Birk

Bio to be added soon!