Business Intelligence

Abbie Donkor

Abigail is an enthusiastic professional with a solid foundation in research and quantitative analysis. After graduating with honors from Georgia Southern University, she joined Comcast Corporation, where she collaborated with team members to develop tools that provide impactful business insight to senior leadership. She recently relocated from Atlanta, GA to Colorado Springs, but is originally a native of the West African country, Ghana. In her leisure time, Abbie enjoys working with children, thrifting, and reading across multiple genres.




Alysia is originally from Gilbert Arizona but she moved here in 2001 where she met and married her husband just a few years later. She began her career as an IT Assistant and soon realized her love of all things data-related. She has worked in a data-driven role for over 10 years and at Compassion  for 4 ½ years. She has two rambunctious, red-headed boys, age 5 and 2. As a family, they enjoy camping in the summer, painting and spending time together outdoors.  They have 3 dogs, 1 orange kitty, and two rats.



Andrew Vezey

I worked for over six years at Wells Fargo during my Bachelor’s degree and part of my MBA, then worked at Staples for nearly two years prior to starting at Compassion on December 12th, 2016. I have been married for over five years and have one son who is about one-and-a-half years old. In my role with Compassion, my current responsibilities include ensuring reporting continuity during R4 and enhancing the existing reporting ecosystem via heavier implementation of Tableau (data virtualization versus ETL processes, better data visualization, etc.). I am also tasked with assuming control over availability management forecasting, which predicts future expected re-supply and demand of beneficiaries in the beneficiary pool.


I really like chorizo and eggs.

Andrew Ziem

Before Compassion I worked for seven years at Springs Rescue Mission where I was the whole IT department, the whole Business Intelligence team, and about half of what Compassion calls SDS.  At Compassion I have worked since 2007 in several roles in USA and GME. As an analyst using statistical methods I design, implement, evaluate, and share experiments to improve retention, engagement, and revenue. I apply external research from social psychology and behavioral economics to encourage supporters to participate in our mission. Using machine learning methods I predict which sponsors are likely to give to appeals, advocate, and be retained. I am a mechanic for our team’s infrastructure systems and am a paramedic for data quality. I lead two Inventory Analysts and will be leading two other Business Intelligence Analysts. 

I am the first person in my parent’s family born in the United States. I met my wife Christina in high school, and we have been married for 14 years. We now live on the same street as that high school, and we have three children: Elijah is eight years old, Eden is six years old, and Levi is four years old. They like horses, turtles, dragons, unicorns, alicorns, pasta, olives, vegetables, video games, books, playing in the dark, geocaching, swimming, and climbing on the couch.





Born and raised in the Chicagoland, I love all things Chicago, all the great food, museums & the White Sox (not the Cubs!).  I attended Loyola University where I got a B.S. in Computer Science.  While in Chicago, I worked for a small waterproofing company and wore many hats as database administrator, customer service and scheduler.  Since I have been at Compassion for over 11 years now I did not do too much prior.  I actually met my husband at Compassion and we are coming up on 10 years of marriage this year.   We have 3 children, Alyza (8) is our artist as well as the boss (or so she thinks), Wyatt (5) is the sweetest little guy who is so welcoming of everyone and Shiloh (2) is the sassy, independent child.  My current role is USA Insights Business Intelligence Team Lead leading the BI extractions space where we help marketing appeal, engage, and retain our supporters by supplying dynamic data to send targeted communications to our supporters. 


I am an upland game hunter and enjoy taking our yellow Labrador Retriever (Jaeger) out and go hunting for pheasants.



Heather Richards

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