Campaign & Activity Management

Purpose Statement

“Releasing children from poverty by: Connecting the Right People and Process to Inspire God’s People to Action”.

On behalf of USA Marketing, Campaign Activity Management provides Project Management through the Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closeout phases of a campaign. CAM manages campaigns within a consistent framework, including defined roles and responsibilities. Responsibilities include ensuring on-time/on-budget delivery of all deliverables and activities, while also providing quality assurance for Compassion brand adherence. Additionally, CAM supports USA Marketing with Media Library, creative/print production, and video services.


Kurt Birky

Kurt and his wife, Margaret, are the proud parents of six children—three through adoption.

Currently serving as Product Marketing Director for Compassion US. Kurt works with the CAM team and takes on special initiatives for USA Leadership including; creative direction of the Compassion Experience expansion, Walk with Compassion, the Haiti VR Experience among others.

Previously Kurt served as the Creative Director for creativeblue and the Global Brand Director for Compassion.

Prior to Compassion, Kurt was Creative Director for Focus of the Family. He also spent a decade with Universal Studios where we spent time developing new rides and attractions for the Theme Park and later, as the Graphic Manager for Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal City Walk.


Kurt has completed his first ever novel­, Across the Ocean and Back Again —­ a fantasy adventure story about four rather amazing children and the power of family.


Connie Myers

Bio to be added soon!




ALysa Larson

Before I came to Compassion, I worked for 7 years at Creative Memories, which is a scrapbooking company based out of Minnesota.  I worked in Product Development, but also did Project Management.  Before that, I worked at a small graphic design company.  I have been married to my husband, Jesse, for 9 years now.  I also have a daughter named Makayla, who is 4 years old.  She is an active, spunky, outgoing, sweet little girl who brings lots of laughter and joy to our family. I am a project manager on the CAM team.  I primarily work with the SRE team, and have worked on projects such as Compassion Sunday, Christmas Gift Fund, and other appeals.  As a project manager, our team makes sure that the project stays on schedule, within budget, and that we accomplish (scope) what the marketing team has requested.  Our team coordinates with a variety of stakeholders throughout Compassion (such as Business Intelligence, the web team, the email team, the digital production and print team, SDP, etc.) in order to make sure each team has the information they need to help launch the campaign and process the responses successfully. 


I’ve lived most of my life in Minnesota, but uff dah, the winters were just too cold there!  I am thankful to be in a warmer state, and I LOVE all the sunshine in Colorado!



Abby Chu

Like many other young, aspiring nerds who have seen Lord of the Rings and Star Wars nearly ten thousand times, I did the whole LA thing and was able to work on many promos, commercials and films. Before that, I was an intern at Futuristic Films where we did, basically, the same thing.  For some reason (I still can’t honestly tell you what that reason was), after LA drained me of money and filled my lungs with smog, I decided to sail on the Disney Cruise ship and, on that voyage, learned that all the magic in the world could not calm a room filled with 25+ screaming one- three year-olds (ooh! Except the movie Frozen! When that first Ice-cutting song came on the tears somehow vanished! It was wonderful).

I am a native Coloradoan (which means I was here when Colorado Springs didn’t even know what the word “traffic” meant). My dad was an amazing engineer who designed satellites and my mom is also amazing…in socializing, not as much in satellite design. I have a nerdy brother who will be graduating Coronado this year (hopefully) and a Golden-shepherd named Chewy who is just now training to become a Jedi—I mean, well-behaved part of the family.

I am the Creative Design Specialist for the CAM team. I manage the media library (videos, pics, documents, graphics) and also help with any design elements that need tweaking in different campaign materials. I also can shoot and edit any video or audio content that needs to be produced.


oh-ho, well, not only am I a fairly decent juggler but I also know every word to Ice, Ice Baby.



Blaise Selby

Blaise Selby grew up in a military family but spent most of his childhood in Colorado Springs, CO.  After earning a BA in Counseling from the Master’s College, Blaise served in the US Army as a Field Artillery Officer for four and a half years at the 4th Infantry Division and Army Space & Missile Defense Command.  In the military he worked with small teams to manage training and development, logistics, and transportation projects.  Blaise earned his Project Management Professional certification in 2016 and enjoys finding ways to infuse the project management process with creativity, joy, and innovation.  He met his wife Elizabeth while studying in Israel, and they have been married for almost five years.  They live in downtown Colorado Springs, where Elizabeth works as an oil painter.  When not working they love spending time with their church family at Village Seven Presbyterian Church, frequenting local coffee shops, and raising their basset hound Emma Lou. 





Derek Jones

My background is in marketing and project management with over 19 years of experience at Humana, KFC, Lantech, and Focus on the Family.  After graduating from college, I married my college sweetheart Karen and we have been happily married for 21 years.  We have two children…Sydney who is 18 and is a freshman at Alabama studying biochemistry and genetics.  Her goal is to attend medical school once she completes her undergraduate degree.  Our son Dawson is 15 and is a freshman at Palmer Ridge High School.  Dawson loves sports and plays baseball and football for Palmer Ridge.  His dream is to become a professional baseball player.  His “backup plan” is to pursue a degree in engineering.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Kurt Birky on new initiatives for the USA group.  Our role is to develop ideas and determine if they are a viable proposition to introduce to USA clients that will generate sponsorships and/or improve retention.


A fun fact about myself is that I have run 2 marathons and numerous half marathons.  I’m a huge sports fan, enjoy coaching my kids teams, and I also lead several small groups.




Jessica Bogantes

Bio to be added soon!





Randy Howarth

Before joining Compassion in 2014, I was doing mission work in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, India and Haiti with Usher In Ministries which I founded and still run.  This work began in 2009 and continues part-time today.   Our ministry involves evangelism, Church planting, Pastor training and meeting needs of those in prison, hospitals, refugee camps, schools and universities.

Prior to that, I spent over 10 years at Intel Corporation in various roles including managing our Enterprise product launch, training and global event team.   During my time at Intel,  I  also managed our top tier reseller program for North America and was an international marketing manager for our Enterprise division – managing relationships with IBM, Dell, IBM and other key partners in Europe, Asia and Japan.

Earlier, I was the associate Pastor at a Church of about 750 in Oregon for 3 years, as well as Sr. Pastor of an Asian/America Church plant for 5+ years.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Sandy, since we were 18.  We have 3 grown children – 2 in San Diego, 1 in Portland, and  five grand-children – 3 boys, 2 girls.

My wife and I were born and raised in Oregon, where we lived until moving to Colorado Springs in 2014. I take strategic marketing campaigns from marketing managers and manage the CAM process to ensure client/stakeholder success – while remaining within scope, budget and delivering on schedule to meet client/organizational objectives.   This includes managing relationships with external agencies, internal stakeholders, coordination with legal, finance, managing contracts, payments, etc.

I am currently a Sr. Marketing Project Manager in CAM.   I take strategic marketing campaigns from marketing managers and manage the CAM process to ensure client/stakeholder success – while remaining within scope, budget and delivering on schedule to meet client/organizational objectives.   This includes managing relationships with external agencies, internal stakeholders, coordination with legal, finance, managing contracts, payments, etc. 


I’m married to my sister- (there is a story here); met my birth father when I was 23 for the first time; was an extra in the TV show GRIMM;  drove UPS trucks; worked at a fish cannery in Alaska; was attacked by a baboon;  chased by an elephant;  am a journeyman glazier and architectural metal worker; an ordained minister and a certified Project Management Professional.   I take teams each summer to Uganda for evangelistic ministry in prisons, hospitals, schools, universities and refugee camps – entering in to the work God is already doing.