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August 11, 2017

Thank you guys for showing love and encouragement to Jackson!  We have gotten cards from Compassion USA, Netherlands, UK, and even from Jackson’s best friend, church, and the Ecuador Country Office!  Every time I see cards on my desk, I get so excited!  I will post a picture soon with Jackson with all his’ cards.



I spoke with Jackson’s case worker today.  She told me that he has been getting really frustrated and upset when he gets itchy from the whole grafting process.  He is going to the OR today to getting more grafting done on his’ left arm.

Jackson’s Reaction To The Cards?!

When I ask if they got the cards,  the case worker mentioned that both Jackson & the sister got really excited when they received the cards.   They were excitedly telling people in the hospital all about them, and they have put them up all over in his’ hospital room!

Can we hit at least a 100 cards next week?

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