Jackson Update | Last Surgery For A While

September 7, 2017

Jackson had his’ last surgery for awhile this week!  He will probably get discharged from the hospital next week or the following week.   He will not be immediately going back to Ecuador.  He will be staying in Shriner housing or a local hotel to keep an eye on infections and post appointments.  Shriner is hopeful that he will be able to return home by the end of September.

Jackson’ sponsor is flying out next week to visit with him.  I will share those photos and videos with you as soon as I get them!

Update | The Trial

Thank you for praying for the trial that began Wednesday, August 30th.  We will not find out the decision of the trail until the end of September, but we have reasons to be optimistic.  There is a reasonable amount of fear in Steven’s family thinking about Steven coming back. 

Please pray for wisdom for everyone involved in this case and for Steven’s family!

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