Jackson – Our Miracle

August 28, 2017

It is crazy to think that Jackson walked into our lives just a few months ago with a tragic story without hope of even surviving.  The many prayers that have been lifted up to the Lord for this little boy have astonished me, and the amount of people that have helped write over 400 cards have blessed Jackson so much!  In about 2 weeks time, he will be able to be discharged from the hospital and will be staying in Shriner housing close by for a couple more weeks after that.

Jackson with more of his’ “Fan Mail”!

Next Steps


What are the next steps for Jackson when he goes back to Ecuador?

The scars from the burns and grafting are not going to stretch with Jackson’s body as he grows in to a young man.  Shriner is going to be working directly with Jackson’s family to detect when additional surgery is needed, and he will be flown to Boston when that happens to have his operations.


Have they caught the boys who did this to Jackson?

Yes, they have caught the boys that did this to Jackson.  There is a trial this week.  Please be praying for these boys, that they would be touched by the love of God.

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