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September 7, 2017

I just wanted to let you know that Vicki Cummings passed away peacefully Saturday morning at Penrose Hospital.  Vicki had a heart to serve the Lord and she served with passion.

She served Compassion in our Trips and Tours area as a Vision Trip Specialist for the past 11 years.  When I say served, I mean it. Vicki’s heart was to serve children and to serve our sponsors and donors with excellence and she did a great job of it. As the folks on her team know, Vicki was a great teammate.

Vicki also loved and served St. Mathias, her local church, in Monument with the same heart she served Compassion. Those of you that visited Vicki while she was in the hospital over the last week probably got to meet some of the members of St. Mathias.  If you did, you know they loved Vicki as much as her Compassion team did. They set up teams that were with Vicki around the clock while she was at the hospital over the last five days.

 Let’s keep Vicki’s Compassion team and her church family in our prayers as we know that losing Vicki from their teams will be difficult.  Let’s also remember that Vicki’s life was always about serving others and it still is.  She is now serving our Lord in heaven.

Memorial Service

St. Mathias Church

18320 Furrow Road, Monument, CO 80132

Saturday, September 16th at 10:30am


Things You can Do


Her pastor said that anyone who wants to come is welcome to bring a dessert, but please comment below if you are planning to attending the service.


And they would love to have folks share some stories about Vicki. She actually asked if people could write them down and send them to her, so that she can collect them all for Vicki’s aunt. Here is Vicar Laura’s email.


Patricia wanted to invite you all to share memories, notes, or thoughts about Vicki and put them in her cubicle or around her cubicle. On the 15th, we will be cleaning out her desk, but for now wanted to use this as a space you can go to and reflect if you need to. I will then give the notes to Vicki’s aunt, as well as anything personal Vicki has in her office. 


Our chaplain is available if any of you feel you need to talk. Death is difficult to deal with no matter how close you are to someone. Its a strange thing to process. In addition, our chaplain, Mike Hare is starting this workshop. Next week, we begin a 13 week grief workshop called GriefShare. We usually offer it twice a year for all interested employees on a volunteer basis. More information can be found on the SOURCE at


Finally, Marty shared some other resources. is also another good resource.  They list local meeting groups if anyone is interested, and people can also sign up for the Free Daily Email Encouragement.  Some of those devotionals are better than others, but they all offer quick-reads and scripture about the grieving process over the course of the first year after the loss. 

Here are two more devotionals about Death/Grieving: “We Live Forever” and “Soul Care” from one of my favorite authors/ministries as he processed the death of a dear friend.  I found this excerpt from the first to be particularly validating as to why grieving hurts so much:

Death is such an assault on the soul. Having someone you love, someone you have shared so much life with, suddenly yanked from your life is a violent and disorienting experience. Death is so hostile, so explosive to God’s design for us, the soul experiences it as trauma. This wasn’t meant to be. I think that was part of the tears we see in Jesus’ eyes, as he stands at his friend Lazarus’ tomb – This wasn’t meant to be. Our souls were never meant to go through this, so we reel like a ship in high seas. I’m grateful for Jesus’ tears. Even though he knows he is about to raise his friend from the dead, there are tears. That provides space for our hearts to express our tears, too.

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