How to Support Your Spouse If Work Is Stressing Them Out

October 22, 2018

Even if you find it easy to leave your worries at the office, your spouse or partner may not. How can you help them cope with work stress? For starters,really listen. When your partner gets home and begins telling you about an office frustration, don’t “half listen” while you do the dishes or make dinner. Stop, pay attention, and empathize. Sometimes they may just want to vent; other times they may want your advice. If you’re unsure what they need from you, ask. You can offer advice — but be gentle about it. Say something like, “I have a suggestion for that problem. Can I share it?” And if you get the sense that your partner is misreading a situation at the office, ask nonthreatening questions to learn more: “What makes you think that’s the case?” Whatever you do, never compare your spouse’s stressful day with your own. Stress endurance is not a competition.

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