Hope & Home Serving Opportunity

October 4, 2016

Hello Team:

An opportunity has come up for our team to be to volunteer at Hope & Home!

Their primary request for service is for us to help them organize clothing that has been donated to Hope and Home to be able to give to these amazing families!

Here is a note from the volunteer coordinator at Hope & Home:


There should be some bags of clothes to sort thru & organize. We sort thru everything to check for rips, stains, etc: anything that would require getting rid of. Anything like that, we bag and give to GoodWill or another thrift store. These items can be bagged and labeled: “For Spencers Mom.” Anything in good condition to keep, will be organized by size and gender and put in to that specific labeled tote. 

Creating OutFits

In addition to sorting donations,  For the Winter clothes from Newborn through 18 months, you guys can make little outfits by matching shirts and pants and then hanging them together. You can put the clothes out and/or put them on hangers and put them back in the correct totes.  This makes it really easy to restock the clothes.  The Baby Room is the easiest to hang up and restock because we only use the infant pink(for girls) and blue(for boys) hangers, so it is not as confusing as the Kids or Teen rooms.

Getting Ready For Winter

For the Winter clothes from 2T through 6, you can hang up the clothes and restock.  In addition, you can put the clothes on hangers and put them back in the correct totes.  This makes it really easy to restock the clothes. If you want to take note on how we hang the pants, we hang more than one pair on a hanger.  For these sizes, we use the smallest tan hangers. 

Please let me (Melanie –  malmado@us.ci.org) know if you are interested in this opportunity!  Just as a reminder, Volunteer Day participation is completely voluntary.  We just wanted you let you know about the opportunity!


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    1. Melanie,

      I think my team would be interested in the Hope & Home volunteer opportunity. Are there some dates they can accommodate a big group of people? What dates are you thinking of? Thanks for any details you can offer and we’ll go from there! Thx. TLW

      1. Hello Tiffany:

        Absolutely! Send me some dates, and I will coordinate everything for your team!

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