Don’t Let Irrational Fears Derail Your Public Speaking

May 18, 2018

May 15th, 2018

Many people feel anxious about speaking in front of a group, but remember that some fears are real and others aren’t. 

(Running out of time should worry you; being booed by your audience should not.) To focus on the realistic concerns, draw three columns on a piece of paper. List your fears in the first column. In the second, write the worst thing that could happen if those fears come true. And in the third column, note the best thing that could happen. For example, you might be afraid of tripping onstage while you talk. The worst-case scenario might be that someone films it, posts it to YouTube, and it goes viral. But the best thing might be that it reminds your colleagues that everyone is human, and then more people discover your work because of the extra buzz. Use this tool to make sure you’re being realistic about your fears.

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