Do you remember Steven?

August 1, 2018

You might be wondering about how Steven is doing

Steven is doing great!


It started as a typical Sunday for Steven in his hometown of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. He had gone to church that morning, probably played with his friends, heard a Bible story. But at 1:00 that afternoon, Steven was attacked by a group of teenage boys near his home. I can’t tell you why this happened. But what I do know is that Steven was captured, bound, covered in gasoline and set on fire. Steven ran to a nearby river and was able to put out the fire. But the boy’s nightmare was just beginning. He was taken from hospital to hospital, but none were equipped to deal with the severity of his burns, which covered more than 65 percent of his body.

A Message From Karina (Steven’s Sister)|

We thank God he is doing very well. Especially at school.

She also sent me the photos below to share with all of the people that have been praying!

The people with Steven from left to right (Karina, Steven, Steven’s Mom, and Steven’s Brother)


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