Bob’s Trip To Bangladesh/Sri Lanka

March 6, 2018

Thursday, March 1st


Hi All,

Really missing Colorado, my family and all of you.

 Got one more day on the ground here in Sri Lanka.  Today is a holiday so I am spending it in my hotel room trying to get some things done.  I am also nursing a wicked case of strep and a few ear infections.  Woke up this morning feeling like I had a shovel full of sharp rocks in my throat and piercing pain in my ears. The last picture here is a 5-day dose of Amoxicillin, some ear drops and throat lozenges.  $4.00.  Can you believe it?  I didn’t need to spend $150 to have some doctor write me a script.  You can get this right from the pharmacy.  Something seriously wrong with our medical system

Anyway, it’s been such an informative trip.  The pics above are all from BD.  The big news for me is really getting an understanding of how we do ministry countries where Christianity is in the extreme minority.  I’ll share more in person but a couple of headlines:

  • If you profess to be a Christian, you are all in.  It’s dangerous. 
  • Each pastor is under an immense microscope from the religious leadership of a village or town, influential community members and families.  Conversion is illegal under 18, and anyone accused of advancing it can be physically, emotionally & economically threatened, abused, or even killed.
  • Compassion provides the credibility for the local church to gain respected support from families, community leaders, local security and others along with a slightly less antagonistic opportunity for church growth once villages begin to witness the dramatic changes they see in their own children and the opportunities sponsored kids have.  This makes it especially sensitive when we are forced to abruptly cease sending grants to the project because of registration issues.  If you really want to see the impact of Compassion on the local church; it’s here.
  • Religions such as Hinduism, Islam, local traditions including Buddhism to a certain extent are very much about seeking power.  Christianity, on the other hand, is all about peace.  Substantial difference.  There were a few testimonies of pastors whose stories include being supporters of rebellious governmental activities in the past – some definitive behaviors of these folks that would not make the Saturday morning cartoons as story lines.  And yet, their testimonies were all about finding peace as a radically preferred state of living through Jesus Christ.  Very powerful.



Leave here Saturday morning around 1am.  Arrive Saturday late afternoon.  Hoping the antibiotics click in here very quickly.


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