An Update On Jackson

August 1, 2017

Jackson had his’ latest operation on Friday. He has also been getting quite a few infections recently which has been slowing down the healing process.  He is making process but is not progressing as quickly as most kids in his’ condition.  


They have received our first package of cards, and they were SO EXCITED!  Please feel free to drop cards by my desk or leave a comment below, and I will send them at the end of each week!


Jackson’s sister has asked us to pray for some specific things for Jackson and his’ family.


Pray for Jackson and his’ family as they try to find in their heart the ability to forgive the people who did this.


Pray against the infections so that Jackson will be able to heal quickly.


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    1. My sweet friend,
      I am so proud of you. You are my hero! May God over shower you with HIS grace and strength. Hold on to Jesus and don’t give up. God’s people are carrying you in prayer. So many people believe in you and are amazed by you.

      We love you!!!! Love Claudia

    1. To Jackson and his family:

      Rapi Kaur writes: “If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with strength to rise.”

      I would encourage you to keep that in mind as you recover from both physical and emotional pain. I am interceding on your behalf in prayer.



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