Product Marketing Christmas Party!

December 10, 2018

Many of you may remember that we have the opportunity to extend the love of Jesus into our community by serving alongside a local non-profit organization called 

Beautiful Redemption and the Department of Human Services (DHS).  We just received the children from DHS that we have the privilege of blessing with a Christmas gift this year!


There are multiple ways to get involved:

  1. We understand that many of you have made other giving commitments for the season and may prefer not to donate to this cause.  We would still love for you to come help others in wrapping all the presents.
  2. Perhaps a group of people would like to work together to bless a child this year!
  3. Maybe you don’t have time to go and purchase a gift.  You can donate by December 14th, and we will go and purchase the gifts on your behalf.
  4. You can select a child specifically and drop the donation in the box next to the coffee cart with the child’s name and age on it.


How do I select a child?

We have setup a Trello Board with all the children listed with their desired Christmas gift. You can access it with this link:             

Trello Link:


If you don’t have a Trello account, it is easy and free. Go to and set up an account. Then use the link above to gain access to the list of children and their requested gifts. Once you have access to Trello, you will see that each child has a “card” similar to the example below:



If you would like to select a child, you simply drag that child’s “card” to the column with the header titled “Thank You For Choosing Me.” 

When you bring the gift to the drop off box, please make sure that you have all the information from the child on a sticky attached to the gift itself. When we wrap the gifts as a group at our Product Marketing Christmas Party, we will make sure the correct gift information gets listed on the outside of the present, so it gets to the correct child.



*It might be helpful to take a picture of the “card” to remind you of the child that you selected.


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    1. Melanie,
      Thank you for all of your efforts in coordinating such an exhilarating Christmas Party! What a joy to be part of this very unique way of giving to more precious children right here in our backyard.

      Merry Christmas!


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