A Child With Out A Sponsor

September 4, 2018

With a shy but captivating smile, Luz shares how much she loves attending to the Compassion’s project. In 2017, Luz started attending the Presbyterian Church “Luz de Vida” (Light of life), located at around 14 thousand feet of altitude in La Paz, Bolivia.

Her mom, Benita, recalls that Luz wanted to go to the Implementing Church Partner so much that after insisting her mother to take her, Luz’s yearning could not wait. Along with her little friends, Luz went to find out if she could be registered. Later, her mom spoke with the staff and was told that Luz could be part of the program.

Now, at only 5 years old, Luz worships and prays with joy and devotion. At the project, Luz plays, eats, learns about God and receives school support. Luz is being cared for holistically. They look after her socio-emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual well-being, so in the future, she could be released from poverty.

“I like to go to the project to do my homework,” says Luz. In such a short time, Benita already noticed improvements in Luz as she quotes: “She is learning even to read and write better. She is in kindergarten, they help her.” Benita also started attending the ICP’s worship meetings since Luz was registered. Luz’s great enthusiasm was transmitted to her mother and now they go together. “We feel good,” she says.

Benita is a single mother, and Luz is her only daughter so the support she receives from the project is meaningful for them. Luz would like to be sponsored one day so her joy could be complete, just by knowing that someone in another special part of the world prays and cares for her.

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