Triple Blessings

April 29, 2018

Life is difficult for Annet. The father of her triplets tried to kill them again. It is not enough that he and his family rejected Annet and her triplets at their birth, now the man pursues them and wants them dead. The motives for his mean pursuit are not clear, except that he is not happy that Annet is happy. He wants her to suffer. He is enraged by her progress. From the start, the birth of the triplets was dramatic. Annet gave birth to her first baby, Samuel, at home by herself. It was about 5:00 p.m. She called her sister-in-law to help cut the umbilical cord but her sister-in-law failed. Annet decided to rush to the nearest health centre for help. With the umbilical cord still attached, Annet rode on the backseat of the motorcycle and held her newborn baby carefully. Her sister-in-law squeezed on the same motorcycle seat and they rode 4km on a bumpy road to the health centre. After the nurse had cut the umbilical cord, she told Annet that there was another baby in her womb. But the nurse feared to help Annet deliver the baby, who was in a position the nurse could not manage. That same evening, Annet got back on a motorcycle and proceeded to a big hospital for further assistance.

At the hospital, the doctor did a scan and found that Annet had two more babies in her womb. This was the first time Annet had received a scan because she could not afford such a service. At 2 a.m., the doctor helped Annet deliver Patience and Grace. When Annet’s husband Aggrey and his family got the news of the triplets, they were astonished. They had never heard of such a thing in their family line. They rejected them and said the triplets were a curse. Aggrey and his family sent word to Annet to never return home. Annet’s story spread quickly. Many people crowded the hospital to see the triplets. Recognizing Annet’s need, the staff of Businywa Church of God registered the triplets into the Compassion program and have supported her since.

Through the program, Annet was able to receive baby clothes, milk supply and nutritional support, and medical support. The staff also empowered her with an income generating activity (selling tomatoes, onions and silver cyprinid). The children have grown and are now 3 years and 7 months old. Annet is grateful to God that her children are alive and that she has support from the church and Compassion.

“My life has changed. I am eating and drinking well. We sleep well. The church is providing for us. I also thank God the children got a sponsor. I thank God so much,” says Annet.

These are the things that make Annet happy but she still lives in constant fear of her husband. He has tried to kill her and the children before and last year the same thing happened. One day, Annet had to send the children ahead as she concluded a women’s meeting. The triplets were walking home with their elder sister Stellah when Aggrey met them. He aggressively tried to take the children away from Stellah. Stellah screamed for help. She knew his evil plans. Someone quickly called Annet and she ended her meeting.

“As I approached, I heard Stellah crying. He had put Grace on the motorcycle and was starting it. So, I ran and grabbed Grace by one hand. He said he wants one child. I said, ‘Why do you want this child?’ He said, ‘Don’t ask me questions’,” recalls Annet.

By this time, the scuffle had attracted the attention of other community members. All the people defended Annet, praising her for raising her children and wondering where Aggrey had been all this time while the children were growing up. “I was feeling so bad because I really struggled with these children from the time he left me. After that, I called Pastor Godfrey and he advised me to report to the local leaders,” says Annet.

The case was reported to the local leaders who at the time called the children’s father  and seriously cautioned him. They are now helping Annet work with the district probation officer for further investigation and protection of her family. The pastor also advised her to move from her old house because it had a weak door that could easily be broken into. Annet and her triplets now rent in a busier area. “Here, I have people around so I don’t fear because this place is not lonely. Here, by the time he bangs the door to enter, at least a neighbor will have heard,” says Annet. Annet has also told her friends in the neighborhood about her situation so everyone looks out for her.

“I live in constant fear in case he steals my children. They’ve started school, but I am nervous. The school has my telephone number and I have theirs in case of anything,” Annet explains.

The church staff have continued to support Annet and are now working to help her establish a more sustainable means of income to support her family. “Annet’s greatest challenge now is that she has a low income. She sells tomatoes and silver cyprinid but it does not earn enough. We have requested some funds to help build a house for her on a piece of land she inherited from her father so that she does not have to keep paying rent, which drains her little income,” says Janet, the project director.

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